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How to Select an Executive Search Firm

There are several things to consider when selecting a search firm, such as reputation and references, geography (presence), candidate reach (sources and off-limits), functional expertise, industry knowledge, effectiveness (completion) ratio, replacement ratio, average tenure of candidates placed, relationship with competitors (potential conflicts of interest), average time taken to present candidates, guarantees, complementary and pro-bonus services, …

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Working with an Executive Search Firm

You should be frank and open when working with a search consultant. If you are not sure you need to embark on a search, for either you wish to find out what is available in the market to measure your internal candidates against, or you have strong doubts about the availability of candidates in the …

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Candidate Interviews

There are several steps that need to be taken to ensure an effective interview process. First, you must appoint the executives in your company that will participate as interviewers, together with the immediate supervisor of the position and the project manager. The latter must coordinate with the former ones the interview schedule with sufficient advance …

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Candidate Evaluation

Some organizations use evaluation forms to grade candidates in terms of technical competence, managing skills, motivation, judgment and several other concepts. Formats are not all the same, a company may have a standard form to be used by the human resources department (the project manager, included), and another for the other executives interviewing candidates. In …

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