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Stand Out


Sense of urgency. To get ahead you must show a high activity level. Show it in meetings and interactions with others but do not confuse it with spontaneity or impetuosity. These are negative traits.


Be reliable. Other people need to count on you. Deliver timely and as expected. Avoid re-works with good first time deliveries.


Communicate effectively; …

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Corporate Recruiting or (Retained) Executive Search

Corporate Recruiting


Very effective in junior level hires where skills abound and internal benchmarks exist
Corporate recruiting is cheaper when:

There are like positions  that are subject to turnover (Sales Rep, Internal Auditor, System Analyst)
Internal recruiting is an option and candidates are acquainted with the company’s culture and business

In-house pool of …

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Run a Tidy Shop


Be organized. Do not rely on being able to remember what to do later. Write it down on your agenda in your PC and in your smartphone. Use those devices separately, taking notes on them independently but synchronize them once a day, at least.


Write down your priorities and check them out when resolved. Rank them …

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